Gregory Sams  - 2014 Speaking engagements

30 March 7pm at The Sunday Papers Live, in Cecil Sharpe House

13 May at 6pm – Food Will Save Us. Forge & Foundry, Camden Town – for Camden Create Festival

31 May at 5:30 in the Avalon Rising arena, at the Sunrise Celebration

24-27 July – Secret Garden Party – to be confirmed

5 July – Eternal Knowledge Festival in Warwickshire

9th and 10th August - panel and talk at Wilderness festival

Gregory Sams  - 2013 Speaking engagements

Apologies, but the the 2013 engagements have disappeared

Gregory Sams  - 2012 Speaking engagements

Eternal Knowledge Festival ­ Suffolk  27-29 April

Inspiring Minds Forums ­ Mango Landing ­ 16th May

Sunrise Celebration - Bruton, Somerset  - 21-24 June

Secret Garden Party ­ Cambridgeshire - 19-22 July!/home/
Facebook -

Over the Moon Festival, Sussex - 14-16 Sept

FESTIVAL of LIFE, Betrand Russell Room, 3pm, 29 Sept

CPAK  Conference - Palm Springs  5-7 October
Conference on Precession and Ancient Knowledge

Eclipse 2012 ­ Cairns, Australia ­ 10-16 November

Gregory Sams  - 2011 Speaking engagements

Sunrise Festival - the Portal to the Immortal space

Evolver Group

21 - 24 July - Secret Garden Party  Sat 4pm in the Forum

2 - 7 August - Ozora Festival

12 -14 August - Wilderness Festival

2010 Speaking engagements

12/14 Nov Stars and Stones, Suffolk

26 Sept Festival of Life, 6pm in Bertrand Russell Room

17-19 Sept  -  O.O.T.O Festival 8:30 Friday Avalon Rising arena

7 August  - Ozora Festival, Hungary, in the Magic Garden

31 July  -  Resurgence Readers Summer Camp

21 June ­ Alternatives at St. James Church, Piccadilly

4 June   - Sunrise Festival, in Avalon Rising venue

2 May  - The Wildheart Gathering

30 March - the October Gallery - The Ecology, Cosmos and Consciousness - lecture series

Radio interviews & podcasts:

The Hillary Raimo Show - A fascinating wide-ranging conversation with this insightful American teacher.

Sitting Now Podcast - We talk to author Gregory Sams about consciousness, animism, and the Sun. Greg is the author of the great new book Sun of gOd. In this weeks episode we discuss: Chaos Theory, Whole Food, The conscious Sun, the battle between religion and science, Sun Spots, Sirius, and much more.

Beyond Politics, with Touchstone Tom on IndyInAsia radio. Two stand-alone interviews that will entertain your mind. For second hour click here.

Audio interview - the Paratopia Podcast Jeremy Vaeni and Greg travel to the outer reaches in this stimulating interview.

Interview on Red Ice Radio An exciting two-part interview with this pioneering European radio show, covering both of Greg's books.

Greg talking with Walter Cruttenden
Greg is talking with Walter Cruttenden, author of “Lost Star of Myth and Time”

Free Podcast of in-depth interview by Steve Nobel
Free Podcast of in-depth interview by Steve Nobel, from his “Magical People” series

Interviewed by David James on the Spirit Weaver channel
Greg is interviewed by David James on the Spirit Weaver channel. Click in and wait for the interview to begin.

Interviewed by Marie D. Jones on Whitley Strieber’s Dreamland Radio
Interviewed by Marie D. Jones on Whitley Strieber’s Dreamland Radio. This is a great interview but you need to pay a small subscription charge to get it, and access to many other previous interviews on this channel.









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Foreword by Graham Hancock

"Sun of gOd is wise, persuasively reasoned, and thoughtfully written...Sams has served up a feast"
New Consciousness Review

“I was both excited and moved by this remarkable book.”
Colin Wilson, The Outsider

"This book has changed me, I have to admit."
Kindred Spirit 5-star review
(4*=excellent • 5*=genius)

"Wonderful, clear-headed, thought-provoking material"
Graham Hancock, Fingerprints of the Gods, Supernatural, Ancient Teachers...

"Simply one of the wisest, most lucid, and most thoughtfully written books that I've ever encountered integrating spirituality with science and other disciplines"
Resurgence magazine review, by David Jay Brown

"Your book is a masterpiece!"
Youth, Killing Joke, Butterfly Studios

"...provides a provocative paradigm for understanding the self-organizing capacities of the entire Universe.”
Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., co-editor, Varieties of Anomalous Experience

"A thousand snorkelstonkers for illuminating my existence with this turbo blasting whizz into the infinite and back."
Raja Ram, TIP, Shpongle, 1200 MICS

“Simply one of the wisest, most lucid, and thoughtfully written books that I’ve ever read on spirituality.”
David Jay Brown, Mavericks of the Mind,

"... one of those most rare books, an unpretentious book of wisdom.
John Allen, Chairman, Global Ecotechnics, Originator of the Biosphere 2 Project

"I've been telling everyone who'll listen about your book. It's altered my reality too."
Simon Macara, Eclipse party pioneer

“puts down in a logical and concentrated and consistent way what I've half thought and half-perceived and half-hoped and half-guessed all my life.”
C.J. Stone, Fierce Dancing

"Sun of gOd should definitely be taught in schools and universities all over the globe."
Frances Lynn
, blogger, author "Crushed"

“Sun of gOd presents a perfectly outrageous hypothesis: The sun is a conscious, living organism residing in a thriving galactic community, thinking stellar thoughts that span the entire universe. Surely this is nonsense. Except that the more you read the more a conscious universe begins to make sense. Gregory Sams’ book is a clearly written and persuasively reasoned argument to think about the sun in a radically new and refreshing way.”

Dean Radin, PhD, Senior Scientist, Institute of Noetic Sciences